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Introducing The Lina Headphone Amplifier: dCS Deep Dive

Join us for an in-depth look at the design of the Lina Headphone Amplifier, exploring how our engineers set out to create a versatile amp that can drive even the most demanding headphones to their full potential.

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When we began creating the Lina Headphone Amplifier, our aim was to make a product that allowed listeners to experience the full sonic potential of their chosen headphones. 

We believed headphone listeners deserved an amplifier that could drive even the most demanding headphones to the best of their abilities, whilst honouring their unique sound and characteristics. 

We also wanted to ensure the Lina Headphone Amplifier would deliver all the benefits people have come to expect from a dCS product, such as excellent linearity, and a natural, transparent and compelling performance.

In a new series of articles on the dCS Edit, we’ll explain how our engineers went about realising this vision. 

Our series will provide a comprehensive look at three performance areas - Drive, Linearity and Flexibility - and the principles that shaped the Lina Headphone Amplifier’s design.

Our next content piece addressing Drive will arrive at The dCS Edit next week.

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Full specifications, as well as links to global dealer outlets can be found at the dCS Lina Headphone Amplifier Product Page.

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