The power of music exists in the details. The unique colours, textures, intonations and expressions that intertwine to create something that moves and inspires us. At dCS, we go to extreme lengths to preserve these details. Through meticulous craft and revolutionary engineering, we create pioneering audio systems that reproduce music with nothing added or lost, providing a transcendent listening experience that reveals the true depth and essence of recorded sound.

Our Story

Vivaldi APEX

The Pioneer

Engineered for the ultimate listening experience, the Vivaldi APEX reflects our uncompromising attitude, relentless innovation, and obsessive attention to detail. Featuring a dedicated DAC, Upsampler, Clock and CD/SACD Transport, it separates the core aspects of the playback process for a performance that is technically precise and musically profound


Rossini APEX

The Visionary

Our latest generation Rossini system combines state-of-the-art engineering with exquisite craftsmanship and a timeless aesthetic, delivering a performance that is equal parts detailed and expressive. Choose from an integrated Player or dedicated DAC, CD/SACD Transport and Clock for a unique experience that encapsulates our singular approach to digital playback



The Modernist

The Bartók began with a singular vision: to combine our past, present and future, distilling 30 years of innovation into a beautiful, flexible and future-proof design that embodies the essence of dCS. Combining a DAC, Music Streamer, Upsampler, Pre-amp and Headphone Amplifier, it offers a remarkable experience for both headphone and stereo listeners


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