Used Equipment

Purchasing Used dCS

dCS products are designed and built to last, and we pride ourselves on their reliability. We maintain the original build records of every product we manufacture, as well as details of any update, upgrade or service history attached to that product.

If you are considering purchasing a pre-owned dCS product, we recommend you take the following steps:

Establish the credentials of the seller: is this a product they have personally owned? Do they have receipt of purchase?

Obtain the serial number and current software version of any unit you are considering purchasing

Contact us with these details and we will happily confirm the model, the age, any remaining warranty status, service history, and the latest applicable software version for the unit(s) in question

If a seller will not provide you with the serial number, then we recommend that you do not proceed with your purchase.

dCS authorised dealers and distributors often take in second-hand units when customers upgrade to other models. If you are looking to purchase a second-hand unit, we recommend contacting your nearest dealer or distributor with details of the unit you are looking to purchase. Many of our authorised dealers and distributors are able to offer extended warranties on the second-hand systems they provide, and will be able to provide you with full details of their warranty terms and conditions.

Please note, dCS products must be carefully packaged before shipping, to avoid damage to the unit. If a unit is shipped in inadequate packaging, or without transit screws, any remaining warranty will be void. Our authorised dealers and distributors have access to additional packaging from the dCS factory, and can ensure that your item is safely delivered.

Internet Sales

dCS products are sold through our global network of authorised distributors and their appointed specialist retailers

These retailers and distributors have been carefully selected and trained to ensure that all dCS customers receive outstanding service and technical support.  

Only dCS products bought from an authorised distributor or their appointed retailers have a valid dCS warranty. dCS products bought from an unauthorised retailer have no valid warranty.

dCS reserves the right to not supply parts and/or provide service for any dCS product without proof of purchase from an authorised distributor or retailer. 

Due to the highly specialised nature of our work, our products are expensive to design and build. If you see a dCS product advertised for a price that looks too good to be true, then it is too good to be true.

More Information

We keep records on all dCS products built and serviced.

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