Buying Advice

Finding a trusted retailer

Choosing an audio system is an intensely personal process. We recommend purchasing from a trusted, independent retailer who can help you select the products that best suit your needs.

A retailer who spends time understanding your requirements and preferences is more capable of delivering a system optimised for the best possible performance in your unique environment.

The best audio dealers have extensive knowledge of the audio market, and not just the brands they represent. They should be analytical in thought, suggesting products based on your preferences, music, lifestyle, and budget.

dCS products are only sold through a carefully selected global network of distributors and retailers. We work with partners who are experts in their field and have the knowledge, experience and training required to deliver outstanding customer service and support.

Auditioning & Installation

Before purchasing a product, we recommend listening in a dedicated space where you will be able to familiarise yourself with the experience provided by each of your component candidates and gain a better understanding of their user interfaces and capabilities. Careful listening will help you recognise which audio component sounds best to you. The retailers within our network have excellent demonstration facilities and supporting equipment.

At dCS, we engage in ongoing dealer training and education on the skills and knowledge necessary to install and configure dCS products correctly. If you choose to purchase a dCS component, we require that the dealer install it in your home. This ensures that each dCS product you purchase performs exactly as intended.

The Playback Chain

A digital source – such as a DAC, streamer, or integrated music player – is an integral part of the playback chain. The source provides the signal used to drive amplifiers and, in turn, speakers and headphones.

Even the highest calibre speakers and headphones cannot produce high-quality sound without a high-quality digital source. It is simply impossible to substitute, create, or replace the lost information if the signal delivered from a source is poor or compromised.

A trusted retailer should be able to help you find the best source for your budget and needs.

The dCS Sound

Our products are designed to be transparent to the source, imparting no sound of their own onto the music you love. Our greatest desire is that you experience music exactly as the artist intended, with nothing added or lost.

We advise you to listen to dCS products with a range of supporting equipment so you can familiarise yourself with their sound and ensure their performance meets your needs and expectations before making a purchase.

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