Our story

Unlocking Every Detail

When an artist creates music, they build a world: a universe of details that intertwine and collide to create something unique. Behind each of these fine details is a story, a thought, a feeling or an idea, and it’s only when we are able to hear them all that we can truly immerse ourselves in a performance and see the world that an artist wants us to see.

For us, these details extend beyond the physical or technical to encompass the very essence of music itself. By resolving all aspects of recorded sound, from the subtlest inflections and intonations, to the sense of space, depth, time and harmonic movement, we strive to uncover not just the artistry in a recording, but the emotion, tension and atmosphere that lies beneath - presenting an experience where music feels both ‘right’ and complete.

We achieve this through fearless engineering, exhaustive development and meticulous craft. Founded in 1987, we have spent over 30 years redefining the boundaries of digital audio, developing a succession of pioneering products and technologies that present sound with every last nuance intact.

With each product we create, we exercise the same care, thought and obsessive attention to detail as the artists and creatives our systems are built to serve. Each one of our systems is designed and hand-assembled in Cambridge, England, by our world-class team of designers, engineers and technicians: an extraordinary group of people who are united by a passion for music and an unwavering commitment to mastery of their field.

Exquisite Craft:
Making the dCS Vivaldi

Artistry meets innovation: view behind-the-scenes footage of the making of our award-winning Vivaldi range

We are performance-driven in every aspect of our work and this commitment to innovation in digital audio has allowed us to create a series of inspirational products that are both award-winning and standard-setting in measured performance.

Our relentless focus on delivering quantifiable sonic benefits, coupled with our decades of experience working at the cutting edge of digital, has enabled us to deliver the most revealing, lowest distortion, and most emotionally communicative music playback experience available. 

From our beginnings, we have taken a unique approach to engineering, developing all aspects of our products in house, from the software that decodes and processes audio, to the clocking technology that synchronises operations and the electronics hardware each system runs on.

This uncompromising approach to product design allows us to focus on performance through every stage of the signal path, ensuring our systems are unrivalled in their sonic and technical ability, and their capacity to uncover the true depth and essence of recorded sound.

As one of the pioneers of high-resolution audio, we have continuously defied the limits of sound reproduction, and our quest to innovate and improve never ends. We are always exploring new and better ways to reproduce music and bring you closer to the recordings and artists you love.

While our technologies are ever evolving, our systems are built to last. Through our use of flexible hardware and upgradable software, we are able to continue refining and enhancing their performance over time - ensuring they can grow and evolve with your music collection and provide an extraordinary experience for years and decades to come.

Our Heritage

We’ve been shaping the future of digital audio for over 30 years, developing unique products and technologies that have revolutionised music recording and playback. Discover how our work in radar and signal conversion led us to creating pioneering systems for professional studios and music lovers around the world


Our Innovation

Our products are a unique blend of artistry and innovation. We never stop exploring how to improve and enhance their ability to be storytellers that champion artists and speak to you, the listener. With each system we create, we continue to redefine the limits of audio engineering, applying our expertise to develop unique software, hardware and technologies that give you a deeper appreciation for the music and artists you love.