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dCS Guest Playlist Vol. 02: Chelsea Carmichael

Saxophonist Chelsea Carmichael presents a wide-ranging selection of jazz and improvised music, in a new playlist curated for the dCS Edit

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Chelsea Carmichael is a London-based tenor saxophone player from Manchester, UK. She works mostly in jazz and improvised music, as well as writing music for film. 

Chelsea has toured with UK based tuba player Theon Cross and UK drummer Tom Skinner’s project Voices of Bishara, as well as writing, recording and performing her own music.

She released her first album, The River Doesn’t Like Strangers, on Shabaka Hutchings’ label Native Rebel Records in 2021, and is in the process of writing her second. 

Her playlist for the dCS Edit focuses on jazz and improvised music, but it also explores how jazz and improvising musicians are working across a wide range of genres.

Her playlist features a mixture of old favourites and new, including music that has influenced or inspired her over the years, her favourite improvisers, musicians who are blending jazz with other genres, plus artists and producers who work with jazz musicians to create music. 

Chelsea – who has been in the studio with pop artists, rappers, rock bands, folk artists and more – says the playlist aims to showcase "both jazz music itself, and also the ways in which jazz musicians have had such a profound influence on such a wide range of music today".

You can listen now on TIDAL or Qobuz. 

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