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dCS Guest Playlist Vol. 01: Tariq Khan

Producer and HighBreedMusic co-founder Tariq Khan takes us on a sonic journey with an exclusive playlist for the dCS Edit, featuring music from Bjork, D’angelo, Chick Corea, King Klavé, Alice Smith and more

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Each month on the dCS Edit, we release exclusive playlists and articles created for our global community. Our New Music series highlights outstanding albums from across the musical spectrum, while our Classical Choices series spotlights new classical recordings. 

In addition to this, we are teaming up with our friends and partners in music and audio to bring you a new series of guest curated playlists. Over the next few months, we’ll  be sharing listening recommendations and exclusive playlists from musicians, engineers, producers, critics, DJs, audio retailers and people who share our passion for great sound. Expect a diverse collection of tracks from all corners of the globe.  

Our first playlist curator is New York-based music producer Tariq Khan.  

Tariq – who recently featured in our Bartók Masters video series – co-founded HighBreedMusic and New York venue the Recording Lounge, a place where talented musicians can congregate and share ideas with their peers.  

Through his work at HighBreedMusic, Tariq champions and showcases New York’s vibrant music scene, showcasing artists working outside of the world of corporate music sponsorship. He grew up in Montreal, and studied multiple instruments and music styles before moving to the US. 

Tariq’s playlist for the dCS edit includes some of his favourite tracks from the past few decades, as well as pieces that he has helped to write, produce or record. 

It’s a wonderfully eclectic selection that spans various regions, decades and genres – from soul and electronica to jazz, synthpop, altrock and more.  

Listen on Qobuz and Tidal now, or watch our Bartók Masters film with Tariq below. 

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