Digital Processing Platform

Limitless potential

Our latest generation processing platform pushes the boundaries of measured performance in digital audio, using a hugely powerful FPGA to deliver all of its functions and features, including audio processing, l/O encoders and decoders, oversampling, filtering, volume adjustment, user interface and memory. Unrivalled in its intelligence and versatility, it provides us with complete control over processing operations, and can be endlessly reconfigured and updated to deliver new product features and enhancements.

All audio DACs require a range of filtering and signal processing operations in order to faithfully reconstruct an audio waveform. In a dCS system, this is carried out using programmable circuits that are configured directly into the dCS Digital Processing Platform.

This architecture gives us complete control over the audio signal path. It also allows us to ensure the performance of our systems isn't compromised by fixed processing chips or inflexible filter responses. And as its performance is software-controlled, we are able to continue delivering new product features and enhancements to our customers via simple software updates.

Our latest generation Processing Platform is our fastest and most powerful yet. Designed from the ground up by dCS engineers, its proprietary hardware and hugely powerful software gives us the freedom to bring even the most ambitious ideas to life.

Uncompromising design

Most DAC manufacturers offer a single set of fixed digital filters which are cascaded for different sample rates. Given the different filtering requirements posed by converting different sample rates, this is not the optimal approach to take in a high-end audio system.

Our unique approach to signal processing means we are able to offer an extensive range of clocking, filtering and upsampling options that have been developed and tested in partnership with leading recording and mastering engineers.

This obsessive focus on performance, allied with our experience of working at the cutting edge of audio engineering, ensures that our products provide an unforgettable listening experience - one that faithfully captures the artistry, atmosphere and emotion in a recording, and presents sound with every last nuance intact.

Ring DAC

Peerless performance

The dCS Ring DAC™ is unique in its design and peerless in its performance. Combining vanishingly low distortion, ultra-wide bandwidth and very low jitter, it provides an unforgettable experience which uncovers the finest of musical details and presents sound with every nuance of emotion intact


Digital Processing Platform

Limitless potential

Our powerful processing platform provides our systems with unrivalled intelligence, flexibility and infinite scope to evolve. With its state-of-the-art performance, flexible architecture and FPGA-based design, it provides us with complete control over audio processing, and the freedom to bring even the most ambitious product ideas to life



Command and control

Our pioneering approach to clocking ensures all dCS systems are synced to a precise and stable reference source which sets world class standards for accuracy and jitter control. The absolute precision in a dCS system ensures that no subtle timing or spatial cues are lost during the conversion stage, providing a lifelike and three-dimensional sound


Testing & Measurement


Applying our decades of experience in pushing the boundaries of digital audio, we utilise a holistic approach to design and measurement, ensuring every dCS system delivers an unrivalled technical and sonic performance across all key technical dimensions



Enhanced headphone listening

Expanse is a patent pending innovation from dCS that brings the headphone experience closer to the studio listening experience. Its unique processing method replicates the effects of studio listening, where sound is projected into the space around us, rather than inside our heads, without altering the reverberation in a recording or affecting a system’s performance



Superior streaming

Mosaic provides a unified playback and control interface for all dCS owners, bringing together music from multiple platforms and sources in a single, intuitive interface, while providing complete control over your listening experience and system settings