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MQA Vivaldi update

dCS has released updated firmware for the Vivaldi DAC and Upsampler

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This release brings to a close our ongoing project to include MQA support in all of our current products. Properly implementing MQA in the Vivaldi separates was an extremely complex undertaking and presented a number of challenges. Although this release is delayed from our original announcement, we feel the end result is well worth the wait.

Update notes (important)

Due to the nature of this update it is critical that both the DAC and Upsampler be updated at the same time. This release changes the way in which the DAC communicates back to the Upsampler and if only one component is updated the communication between the devices will not function correctly.

Please contact your dealer to avoid any issues with the update.

We have issued release notes for this update in two separate documents. Please read these documents before starting the update process as they both contain useful information.

Release notes for the Vivaldi DAC and Upsampler can be downloaded here: dCS Vivaldi MQA Release Notes

Release notes for the associated network firmware update can be downloaded here: dCS Network Firmware [398] Release Notes

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