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Access new streaming features with dCS Mosaic 1.42

The dCS Mosaic app has been updated to provide support for Lina Network DAC 2.0, along with new UPnP and Internet Radio features available to all dCS owners

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dCS Mosaic Control allows you to access music from multiple sources and control playback on your dCS device through a single interface.

Available on Android and iOS, it is designed to remove the complexities associated with multi-source streaming, making it easier to manage your music and adjust the settings on your dCS system.

Developing the Mosaic platform is a core focus for the design and engineering team at dCS. We spend a great deal of time assessing its performance, reviewing feedback from dCS owners, and exploring how we can enhance the Mosaic user experience.

The app is updated on a regular basis and new versions are made available whenever we have new features to share. We also release new versions of the app to support upgrades to dCS products.

Our latest version update is released in conjunction with Lina Network DAC 2.0 – a major software upgrade for the Lina Network DAC that includes new mapping algorithms, new filters, improved DSD upsampling and additional features. [Find out more about the Lina 2.0 update here.]

Mosaic 1.42 provides support for the features included with Lina Network DAC 2.0. It also delivers additional features available to owners of dCS devices with network streaming capabilities, including our Vivaldi, Rossini and Bartók DACs and Players. These include new browsing options for listeners using MinimServer 2.2 and new Internet Radio functions.

What’s new:

Find Internet Radio stations using URLs

You can now look up Internet Radio stations using URLs, making it easier to access premium stations and broadcasts.

Find high quality stations at a glance

High quality Internet Radio stations are now labelled as such in the Mosaic app, allowing you to easily identify good quality broadcasts when browsing.

Explore new browsing options with MinimServer 2.2

Mosaic 1.42’s UPnP improvements bring a wider range of browsing options for listeners using MinimServer 2.2. It is now possible to browse via recently added, recently played and file format, making it easier to navigate your audio collection.

Download Mosaic 1.42

Mosaic 1.42 is available now to all dCS owners. Download for iOS here or for Android here.

Visit our Innovation Page to find out more about the dCS Mosaic platform.

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