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Introducing the Lina Network DAC Deep Dive

Our upcoming article explores the technologies, unique features and innovations that drive the Lina Network DAC's performance

"It has a revealing nature across the frequency band.... When you change pace to music of a more intimate, low-key nature, the Lina Network DAC follows suit, using its superb resolving qualities to present a soundstage with air and nuance.”

- hi-fi news reviews the Lina Network DAC

The Lina Network DAC is the culmination of more than three years' intensive development. Its unique design combines renowned dCS technologies with a wealth of new features, reflecting the various learnings and breakthroughs we've made throughout the past decade.

This month, we'll release an article which highlights some of the core features and technologies that drive the DAC's performance, from pioneering electronic designs to casework that serves to enhance the musical experience. We'll also explore how our engineers were able to deliver the full dCS experience in a versatile format, bringing the same ultra-revealing, natural and musical sound that listeners have come to expect from dCS DACs and Players, whilst also delivering a range of mechanical and electronic improvements.

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Full specifications, as well as links to global dealer outlets can be found at the dCS Lina Network DAC Product Page

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