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Hifi & Musik dCS Bartók Headphone DAC amp review

Thank you to P.L Audio for sharing this review with us and being kind enough to translate the toplines!

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“In a class of its own!”

+    Flexible all in one solutionVery good soundHigh performance Headphone Amplifier

–    Except the price ? No!

“Sure, it is a substantial investment but you will get not only aD/A converter with extreme performance and a HeadphoneAmplifier with extraordinary sound. No, you will not have tospend money on a Pre-amp, because you will need somethingvery good to match the dramatic transparent sound of the Bartokdirectly connected to the Power amplifier! None of the Pre-Amps wehad at our disposal could match the Bartok directly connected toour Burmester 956 MkII. Bartok must be heard – with or withoutheadphones.”


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