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Experience TIDAL Max & more with dCS Mosaic 1.43

Mosaic 1.43

The dCS Mosaic Control app allows you to access music from multiple sources and control playback on your dCS device through a single interface.

Available on Android and iOS, it is designed to remove the complexities associated with multi-source streaming, making it easier to manage your music and adjust the settings on your dCS system.

Developing Mosaic is a core focus for the design and engineering team at dCS. We spend a great deal of time assessing its performance, reviewing feedback from dCS owners, and exploring how we can enhance the Mosaic user experience. New versions are released on a regular basis, in line with our commitment to continual product development.

Mosaic 1.43 is available from 10am on Thursday May 9, 2024. This new version brings two new benefits to dCS owners.


dCS Mosaic now supports TIDAL MAX, allowing you to access TIDAL’s selection of HiRes FLAC files (a lossless PCM format) through your dCS device.

Once 1.43 is installed, dCS products will select HiRes FLAC files where available when listening with TIDAL via dCS Mosaic or TIDAL Connect.

Gapless Playback

It is now possible to stream gapless music without interruption over UPnP and UPnP-based applications.

Download Mosaic 1.43

Mosaic 1.43 is available now with all network equipped dCS products. Download for iOS here or for Android here.

Visit our Innovation Page to find out more about Mosaic.

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