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The Next Generation: Bartók APEX

We’re proud to introduce our pioneering APEX upgrade to the dCS Bartók from February 7th 2023, representing a new generation for our state-of-the-art DAC, Music Streamer, Upsampler, Pre-amp and Headphone Amplifier system.

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We’re proud to introduce our pioneering APEX upgrade to the dCS Bartók from the 7th of February 2023, representing a new generation for our state-of-the-art DAC, Music Streamer, Upsampler, Pre-amp and Headphone Amplifier system.

When we release a new product at dCS, it marks the beginning of a journey that spans the life of the product. dCS's engineers continually research how to improve existing technologies and products, a discovery process motivated by our drive to deliver unrivalled measured performance and the resulting musical experience. 

Often, innovation comes in the form of software. With the recent Bartók 2.0 software update, we improved DSD upsampling and added new filter options. Mappers originally designed for Vivaldi APEX and Rossini APEX are now available in Bartók. The Mappers control the way in which data is presented to the Ring DAC™ core. Bartòk now includes three Mapper settings. It also includes DSD128 capability and an additional filter setting for DSD.

Additionally, our products feature a modular approach to construction. The design allows for future upgradability, which enables us to offer new hardware to existing owners. Such was the case with the Vivaldi APEX and Rossini APEX. Our obsession with remaining at the forefront of measured and musical performance meant that it was only a matter of time before we developed an APEX upgrade for Bartók owners. 

Bartók APEX is a distillation of our past, present, and future—30 years of innovation in a single beautiful, flexible, and futureproof chassis embodying the essence of dCS. Combining a DAC, Music Streamer, Upsampler, Pre-amp, and (optional) Headphone Amplifier, the Bartók APEX offers a singular experience for headphone and stereo listeners. Now with the APEX Ring DAC, our next-generation DAC hardware, we've once again redefined the state-of-the-art for digital audio. This upgrade allows us to take Bartók's world-leading measured performance to a new level—technology that provides an even more immersive musical experience.

The New Bartók APEX Further Elevates the Listening Experience

The Bartók APEX retains the original's powerful, dynamic and detailed soundscape and adds elements of resolution and refinement previously only achievable with the Rossini or Vivaldi APEX. dCS engineered Bartók APEX to inform and inspire.

APEX sets a new benchmark for transparency. It organically resolves the finest details and uncovers textures and subtleties that most systems overlook. From the broadest dynamic swings in volume to the subtlest shifts in tone, Bartók APEX reveals each aspect of a recording with a sense of effortless refinement and control.

Designed and hand-assembled at our headquarters in Cambridgeshire, England, Bartók APEX is born from meticulous craft, exhaustive development, and obsessive attention to detail—a relentless pursuit of musical purity that has inspired us to reimagine the limits of sound reproduction. 

Sharing the same electronics as our Vivaldi and Rossini systems, it features the latest generations of our pioneering Ring DAC™ APEXclocking architecture, and digital processing platform —a unique combination of hardware and software unrivalled in its sonic and technical performance.

Bartók APEX combines precision engineering with an elegant and timeless aesthetic. Standard-setting build quality means Bartók APEX withstands even the most intensive use and reliably delivers superb sound quality at all volume settings and outputs. With flexible and upgradable software and hardware, Bartók can grow and evolve, providing a state-of-the-art listening experience for years to come.

Discover the dCS Bartók APEX System at the product page here.

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