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The Audio Beat reviews the dCS Bartók

Read Mark Blackmore and Vance Hiner’s review of the dCS Bartok Headphone DAC

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“The Bartók worked flawlessly, delivering hours of superb listening. Its sleek, modernist design houses cutting-edge digital technology to produce an elegant, opulent sound.” - Mark Blackmore  

“For decades, those of us who listen to music from digital sources have been forced to choose between a romantic DAC that eschews accuracy in favor of musicality or a highly analytical unit that invariably causes listening fatigue. The dCS Bartók busts the digital paradox by delivering mountains of sonic detail as well as the musical and emotional subtext of a recorded performance.” - Vance Hiner 

In their latest Equipment Review for The Audio Beat, Mark Blackmore and Vance Hiner audition the Bartók Headphone DAC. Listening on headphones and speakers, Mark and Vance put the system to the test with recordings by Phoebe Bridgers, Rickie Lee Jones, Trio Chemirani and more. Their review also includes a look at the dCS Mosaic Control app and the Bartók's standard Crossfeed setting, as well as our latest innovation, dCS Expanse.  

You can read the full review online here: 

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