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"Bewitchingly realistic": Stereo & Video reviews the dCS Bartók

Read Victor Gorbatov's review of the dCS Bartók DAC for

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"Very good detailing, excellent microdynamics, excellent elaboration of a slightly unusually recorded bass. And separatelythe feeling of completeness, the combination of individual sounds into a single whole."

Russian publication Stereo & Video has published a comprehensive review of the dCS Bartók, written by Victor Gorbatov.

Victor auditioned the Bartók with a wide range of music, including recordings by Brian Eno, Martha Argerich, Richard Hawley, Cecilia Bartoli, Isao Suzuki and Lisse, and his review provides a detailed account of the Bartók's performance and his listening impressions with each album.

It also examines the Bartók's build, controls and various operating modes, as well as Victor's experience of listening via the dCS Mosaic control app.

You can read the article in full here:

Thanks to Victor and the team at Stereo & Video for a fantastic write-up

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