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Experience TIDAL Connect and more with Mosaic 1.2

We've updated our Mosaic streaming firmware and control app to deliver two new features for dCS owners - including the option to cast music direct to your dCS device via TIDAL Connect. Read on to learn more about Mosaic and discover what’s new with our latest update

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dCS Mosaic was launched to provide dCS owners with a simple and elegant solution to multi-source streaming. When we developed the platform in 2019, our aim was to provide a unified control and playback interface that would bring together music from multiple sources—be it streaming services, external hard drives or networked devices—and make it easier than ever for customers to navigate their audio collection, discover new artists or albums, and tailor their listening experience to suit their preferences and musical tastes.

Mosaic is made up of two core elements. The Mosaic Control app allows customers to search for and browse hi-res recordings from various sources, build unified playlists featuring music from multiple libraries, and control all of the settings on their dCS device. This is paired with a powerful processor that offers enhanced streaming functionalities, including the option to use Roon as a media management platform, or cast music to a dCS device via Spotify Connect and Apple AirPlay.

Based around a unique combination of hardware and software, Mosaic reflects our ambition to deliver an outstanding playback experience for all dCS owners, whatever their preferred mode of listening, and ensure our products can evolve to meet changing customer needs.  

Both the app and processor run on custom code written by dCS engineers, which means we can continue updating Mosaic, and adding new features and functions as streaming technologies and services develop. We regularly review Mosaic's performance, and are always investigating how we can improve the Mosaic user experience.

Each year, we roll out a mix of major and minor updates, which are informed by our own research and development as well as feedback from the dCS community. In 2020, we released a new product feature, dCS Expanse, with the launch of Mosaic 1.1.1, for owners of the dCS Bartók Headphone DAC. In 2021, we updated the Mosaic app to deliver a better experience for customers using ScreenReaders such as VoiceOver and Google TalkBack.   

TIDAL Connect

Our latest updates to the Mosaic app and firmware include the addition of two new features for dCS owners, plus a host of other improvements designed to enhance performance and reflect recent upgrades to partner services.

The first of these new features is one that we know many dCS customers have been looking forward to: TIDAL Connect. With the release of Mosaic 1.2, dCS customers with a TIDAL account can now stream music direct to their dCS device and perform basic operations such as play, skip, pause and volume adjustment from within the TIDAL app.

This also means that friends, family members and visitors can cast music from their TIDAL account to a customer's dCS device, without having to download the Mosaic app. Instead, they can simply open the TIDAL app, tap the speaker icon, and select the relevant dCS component from the list of available devices.  

The update allows us to provide a more streamlined experience for dCS owners who enjoy listening to music exclusively through TIDAL. Whilst we know that many dCS customers enjoy navigating their TIDAL libraries through the Mosaic app, we also know there are others who prefer using a single streaming service when listening at home or on the move. Introducing TIDAL Connect allows us to cater to both groups of customers, and ensure that everyone with a TIDAL account can easily access their favourite tracks and playlists when listening on a dCS system.

Transport Controls

In addition to updating the dCS Mosaic firmware to offer TIDAL Connect, we've updated the Mosaic Control app to provide basic transport controls for dCS customers with a Vivaldi Transport, Vivaldi One, Rossini Transport or Rossini Player. Owners of these devices can now use the Mosaic app to play, pause and skip tracks on their transport device, making it easier than ever to manage playback when listening to standard or Super Audio CDs.

We’ve also introduced some minor updates to meet our streaming partners’ latest technical and visual requirements, and addressed some minor bugs that were noted on a small number of devices. In addition, we’ve made some further adjustments and enhancements that allow us to ensure Mosaic continues to deliver the best possible performance, however you choose to listen.

Downloading Mosaic 1.2

Version 1.2 of the dCS Mosaic Control app is available to download from the App Store and Google Play. (See links below.)

dCS customers can also download the latest Mosaic firmware on their dCS device via its web interface. For more information on how to do this, please see our Mosaic User Guide.

If you require assistance installing Mosaic 1.2, you can contact our support team here.

Download Mosaic 1.2 for iOS

Download Mosaic 1.2 for Android

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