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Addicted to Audio, Melbourne: Lina Launch Event

Addicted to Audio host dCS & guests at their Lina Launch Event in Richmond, Melbourne.

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Addicted to Audio are Australia's leading dealer in headphones, headphone amplifiers, DAC's, Hi-Fi, speakers, turntables, Bluetooth speakers & wireless speakers.

It was a pleasure to join them at their Lina Launch Event in Melbourne on the 10th August: where their expert staff mingled with audiophile clients both old and new to demo the dCS Lina Stack.

Global Head of Headfi Sales and event guest speaker, Joss Marvie was in attendance to talk through the technologies behind dCS Lina and it's journey of inception, as well as to listen to feedback from our hosts & their guests.

Here's a few of the comments from attendees, as well as images from Addicted to Audio's elegant flagship store in the heart of Richmond, Melbourne.

"Lina was fantastic, I wanted to swap different headphones, the selection was great and paired really well with Lina.

The most balanced system I ever heard.

A true pleasure"


"It was a please visiting Addicted to Audio for the first time in person.

Not only do they carry an incredible variety of headphones to pair with Lina, they also are just so passionate about music- which makes the whole experience truly immersive."

Joss Marvie, dCS

"Amazing depth and resolve...unlike anything I have heard before.

The event was truly a treat.

Having dCS present and answer questions made the night that much more special and shows the commitment not only from dCS but from Addicted to Audio."


"The host was amazing, and very knowledgable...listening was a highly pleasurable experience.

Longer in the demo would have been better but that's me being greedy!

I will be coming back again to listen."

James W

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